Friday, October 19, 2007

Qeetastrophe Project in Full Effect!

The 16 inch DIY Bunny Qee has just completed Warped Tour and is signed
by members of Bad Religion, Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory, Avenged 7
Fold, MC Chris, Good Charlotte, members of the Jackass crew and more.

The band Cartel, most known for being MTV's "Band in a Bubble", sat
down for an interview with the community on Buzznet and brought a
little friend along for the ride. There was singer Will Pugh, Drummer
Kevin Sanders and our 16 inch, glow in the dark Qeetastrophe Bunny!

Check out the videos shot during the interview to see The Qeetastrophe
Bunny riding the couch while the boys goof around. In part four,
you'll see where they signed it. Warped Tour JUST ended and he's a star

The 16 inch DIY Bear Qee was just shown at Monster-Mania 9 where every
celeb in attendance signed him including horror legends like Karen lack,
Chris Sarandon, Angus Scrimm, Sid Haig, Tom Savini and Danny Trejo. We
are still gathering some celebs and bands for the final signatures.

Dread was invited to check out the set of REPO: The
Genetic Opera and view footage from the upcoming SAW 4 film from Lions
Gate and the QEETASTROPHE BEAR was invited to come along for the ride!
In Toronto, we added Paris Hilton, Darren Lynn Bousman, Anthony Stewart
Head, Tobin Bell and Paul Sorvino's names to the project. Saturday
night we flew into NJ, jumped into the car and drove 4 hours to the ROCK
and SHOCK HORROR SHOW in Worcester, Mass where we tracked down Shawnee
Smith, The Crazy Babysitter Twins of Grindhouse, Angela Bettis, J.
LaRose, James Duval and P.J.Soles who all signed for the project. More
to come in the next 3 weeks!

Stay tuned for more news from the Qeetastrophe Charity Project
benefiting St.Jude's Hospital, but for now, Check out those vids!

The auctions are set to launch the end of November and will be highly publicized by (with further support from Good Charlotte
and MySpace sites

All proceeds from these auctions will benefit St. Jude's Pediatric Hospital.