Friday, October 26, 2007

Christmas Qee 2007 Set - Update

I know when I first mentioned these, we were only in the rendering stage but now you can peek at the actual figures....aren't they sweet?! Don't let the holidays whisk by without adding these to your collection.

Tokidoki 8" Qee Bears - Out and About!

Hey, just in case you've been trapped under something heavy, you may want to remember that TOY2R has released three new versions of the TOKIDOKI 8" Qee Bear.

The Black version can be found through Transworld Entertainment Stores which include Suncoast and F.Y.E. music stores. The Red version is exclusive to Newbury Comics and can be purchased in the store or online. Finally the White version was being distributed through PREVIEWS, the Diamond Comic Distributors catalog.

Some may still be laying around looking for a home, so keep an eye out to catch one of these limited edition gems before their gone for good!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lane Crawford to open in Beijing and offer QEE!!

Lane Crawford is bringing the new concept store to Beijing. The 25,000-square-meter store in the new Seasons Place Mall in Financial Street. Beijing will make an investment of HK$300 million and will employ more than 300 people.

The store will feature over 600 brands, including Prada, Stella McCartney, Givenchy and Toy2r. More than half of its brand portfolio will be new to the Beijing market.

Lane Crawford opened a new-style store in Hong Kong in 2004 with its International Finance Center Mall flagship store, and the following year at Pacific Place, repositioning the company from a traditional department store as one with the largest retailers featuring leading fashion

60" Adidas Qee Bear @ Sha Tin I.T.

Check it...60 inches of pure Adidas Qee keepin' it real...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Bart Simpson @ the Dimension 07 Exhibit

Toy2R wrapped up their stay at the Dimension 07 Exhibit held in Hong Kong. Not only did Toy2R display several items from its vast collection of Qees but there were brilliant displays of more than 250 pieces of artwork from students and professional designers.

Standing tall was the SIMPSONS QEE line from TOY2R. The first wave of figures has focused on BART SIMPSON and wow what a release. From the Classic Outift 3" and 10" Qees to the recently released MANIA SERIES ASSORTMENT to the upcoming HALLOWEEN FIgures. This is vinyl at its best featuring one of the best licensed characters and an entertainment icon. Look forward to seeing more BARTS coming in MANIA SERIES 2 and some limited edition releases of some of the customized 10" Qees fromt he BART SIMPSON WORLDWIDE TOUR!! After that, Homer is ready for his debut.....mmm donuts!!

EarggQ Coming for 2008

Here's a quick peek at the new QEE design coming out for your DIY creativity in 2008. Available in 2.5" Clear, White and Glow in the Dark versions. You'll be able to see how the figures look all finished when the new Magic of Color Series 4 drops next month featuring the artwork of Jon Burgerman.

Oh yeah, just in case you haven't heard:
Jon Burgerman will be signing the 2.5" Burgermenos Egg Qees ( Magic of Color Series 4) from Toy2R at Forbidden Planet's London Mega Store on November 24th from 1-2 PM. This will be the the second major vinyl events for Forbidden Planet which is currently displaying the UK stop of the 10" DIY QEE: BART SIMPSON PROJECT customs. If you're in town, definitely check it out:

Forbidden Planet London Megastore
179 Shaftesbury Ave
London, WC2H 8JR
Phone: 0207 420 3666

Qeetastrophe Project in Full Effect!

The 16 inch DIY Bunny Qee has just completed Warped Tour and is signed
by members of Bad Religion, Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory, Avenged 7
Fold, MC Chris, Good Charlotte, members of the Jackass crew and more.

The band Cartel, most known for being MTV's "Band in a Bubble", sat
down for an interview with the community on Buzznet and brought a
little friend along for the ride. There was singer Will Pugh, Drummer
Kevin Sanders and our 16 inch, glow in the dark Qeetastrophe Bunny!

Check out the videos shot during the interview to see The Qeetastrophe
Bunny riding the couch while the boys goof around. In part four,
you'll see where they signed it. Warped Tour JUST ended and he's a star

The 16 inch DIY Bear Qee was just shown at Monster-Mania 9 where every
celeb in attendance signed him including horror legends like Karen lack,
Chris Sarandon, Angus Scrimm, Sid Haig, Tom Savini and Danny Trejo. We
are still gathering some celebs and bands for the final signatures.

Dread was invited to check out the set of REPO: The
Genetic Opera and view footage from the upcoming SAW 4 film from Lions
Gate and the QEETASTROPHE BEAR was invited to come along for the ride!
In Toronto, we added Paris Hilton, Darren Lynn Bousman, Anthony Stewart
Head, Tobin Bell and Paul Sorvino's names to the project. Saturday
night we flew into NJ, jumped into the car and drove 4 hours to the ROCK
and SHOCK HORROR SHOW in Worcester, Mass where we tracked down Shawnee
Smith, The Crazy Babysitter Twins of Grindhouse, Angela Bettis, J.
LaRose, James Duval and P.J.Soles who all signed for the project. More
to come in the next 3 weeks!

Stay tuned for more news from the Qeetastrophe Charity Project
benefiting St.Jude's Hospital, but for now, Check out those vids!

The auctions are set to launch the end of November and will be highly publicized by (with further support from Good Charlotte
and MySpace sites

All proceeds from these auctions will benefit St. Jude's Pediatric Hospital.